Sarcoma Cancer is a rare disease, often misdiagnosed, often afflicting children and young adults.
The Karen Wyckoff Sarcoma Foundation is dedicated to Sarcoma Cancer research, support and education...and the fight to find a cure.

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Support Pat BourgeoisMud Dog Rider Pat Bourgeois

a 2016 Mud Dogs Rider to benefit Rein In Sarcoma!

Pat Bourgeois has registered as a 2016 Mud Dog Rider to find a cure for sarcoma cancers. You can be a part of his ride by pledging to Pat for this ride from his home to International Falls..

Personal Message From Pat:

"What started as a ride to simply prove the wherewithal of a few boisterous snowmobiling souls more than 25 years ago has become less about a snowmobile ride and more about raising awareness for sarcoma. After experiencing the effects of this rare and extremely aggressive form of cancer, when a close friend lost his battle to the disease, the Mud Dogs ride has now taken on a new purpose. Now the ride is perhaps my favorite and most memorable of the season. The camaraderie and laughter we experience while enjoying our passion is tremendous, and doing so while sharing memories of our lost friend and raising money to find a cure for sarcoma is second to none.

Please help us find a cure for this deadly disease – all pledges big and small are encouraged and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support."

Pat's 2016 Supporters: