Sarcoma Cancer is a rare disease, often misdiagnosed, often afflicting children and young adults.
The Karen Wyckoff Sarcoma Foundation is dedicated to Sarcoma Cancer research, support and education...and the fight to find a cure.

Researchers, Physicians and Dogs lead 2013 Mini-Medical School

Dr Amy Skubitz talks with students at the 2013 RIS Mini-Medical SchoolOn Saturday, March 2, Dean Katie Dusenbery convened the 4th Annual Rein in Sarcoma Mini-Medical School at the University of Minnesota. Thirty students joined researchers, physicians and Sarcoma Dogs to learn about many facets of the war on sarcoma. It was a fascinating, informative, and exciting day for all of the RIS Class of 2013.  

During the morning, we were instructed by an all-star faculty including: Dr. Logan Spector, Dr. Subramanian, Dr. Clohisy, Dr. Largaespada, Dr. Keith Skubitz, Dr. Amy Skubitz, Dr. Gross, Dr. Modiano and Dr. Borgetti. They covered a wide range of sarcoma issues including: sarcoma statistics, what to expect from next generation research, new bone cancer treatments, controlling pain, targeted treatments, and a major breakthrough in Giant Cell Tumors research.
It is often said that "Dogs are man’s best friend". At the mini-medical school we met Charlie, Buddy and Buster, who, along with their owners and doctors, are taking part in research into sarcoma treatments that holds great promise to help both our canine friends and human sarcoma patients. Certain breeds of dogs get Sarcoma and the treatments that are being pioneered for them may transfer to humans with the same types of sarcoma. The three dogs (one a companion dog) demonstrated to us that you can face sarcoma and still wag your tail in delight at life.
Dr. Logan Spector began the day with the latest statistical information about sarcoma cancers and germline genetics. In instances of sarcoma cancers is actually increasing with a total of 14,170 new sarcoma diagnoses in the US according to latest government data.
Dr. Subramanian continued our education on what to expect in Next Generation Sarcoma Research. Dr. Clohisy gave us a classical Greek Education while talking about Cancer Pain and New Bone Cancer Treatment. Dr. Largaespada talked on Sleeping Beauty (have we got your curiosity going yet?). Dr. Keith Skubitz gave us some fascinating and encouraging research on Giant Cell Tumors, while Dr. Amy Skubitz brought hands on information on Immunohistochemical Techniques.
By this point our brains were full so Dr. Dusenbery wisely brought on the dogs. We were all charmed by Buster the companion dog who brings comfort to Humans with his calm and loving manner. Next we met Charlie and Buddy, two beautiful dogs who are going through Sarcoma Treatment. We hope their treatment will be successful and we want to thank them, their owners and their doctors (Modiano and Borgetti) for conducting research that will ultimately lead to cures for both canine and human sarcoma patients. 
These lectures were so informative and filled with information. Several of the presenters have made their presnetaions available to all. By viewing these presnetaions you may gain a new appreciation of the work of the fantastic researchers at the University of MN as they figh the war on sarcoma.
If you missed this year’s mini-medical school plan to come next year as Dean Dusenbery always plans an informative program and each one is unique.