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Sarcoma Scholar Boot Camp

2017-18 Sarcoma Scholars

2017-18 Sarcoma Scholars

August 10 was a beautiful day for a trip to Cannon Falls. All six of our 2017 Sarcoma Scholars and four Boot Camp "Faculty” assembled at the Mayo Clinic in Cannon Falls for an evening of Sarcoma information immersion. After filling their plates with pizza, the scholars sat down to hear four lectures on sarcoma.

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Sarcoma Unity Strengthens Us All

by Julieann Selden

Survivors at the Winter Gathering

Survivors at the 2017 RIS Winter Gathering

A sarcoma diagnosis is often as isolating as it is scary. Because of the rare and aggressive nature of the disease, patients are typically thrown into nerve-racking medical situations that are hard for others to understand. The physical, mental, and emotional challenges that sarcoma brings are unique and overwhelming.

When Karen Wyckoff was diagnosed with sarcoma in 1997, she felt alone in her experiences. Her prognosis was grim, and few people knew much about her cancer. In 2001, she founded Rein in Sarcoma with the vision of creating a sarcoma community- a place where patients, family members, friends, and neighbors could come together to support and encourage one another. The first event had over 250 people in attendance and raised over $10,000 for sarcoma research. Since that time, Rein in Sarcoma has grown dramatically, always keeping the need for community support in focus. Today, events, social media, and support groups are all available to bring survivors and family members together to help everyone feel less alone.

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The Inaugural Chainbreaker and Team Sarcoma

Chainbreaker Co-captains

Co-captains, Tom Boardman and Christophe Lenglet with Dr. Ed Cheng

Saturday, August 12th was the big day and what a day it was. Beautiful weather and over 1000 riders all committed to raising funds and riding to "break the chain" that leads to cancer. Thanks to the generosity of many of you, the Team Sarcoma Peloton, consisting of 18 riders, raised over $24,000 for sarcoma cancer research and education at the University of Minnesota. You all have our heartfelt thanks and that of our families. We all finished the 25-mile ride and a few of us rode a whole lot more! We had a wonderful time making a real difference to finding cures for sarcoma cancers.

Now here is the really exciting news: For those of you who missed last month’s RIS Update or Facebook postings, or lost the time to respond, Chainbreaker will still be collecting funds until mid-October. As before, you can go to and donate on behalf of Team Sarcoma or click on a particular rider’s profile to donate. If you prefer to send a personal check or a check from your Donor Advised Fund, you can make the check out to Rein in Sarcoma Foundation and mail to RIS at 3312 Richmond Ave. Shoreview, MN 55126. All contributions on behalf of Team Sarcoma riders go to the University of Minnesota cancer research hospital, specifically to fund sarcoma cancer research, and are tax deductible.

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