RIS Medical School Education Road Trip to Duluth

Duluth Med Students

On April 12 we presented a lecture on Sarcoma to the first and second year medical students at Duluth. The evening began with a pizza dinner.  While the students were eating,  Dr. Christian Ogilvie gave a talk on the characteristics of sarcoma and how to diagnose it. He showed slides and talked about how to arrive at a differential diagnosis for soft tissue sarcoma. He talked about things that have similar onset and symptoms. After his lecture he took questions from the students. Following Dr. Ogilvie’s enlightening talk. Pete Wyckoff explained a little about the Rein in Sarcoma Foundation and what we were doing. Sarcoma Scholar Katie Thiebert passed out information on the Sarcoma Scholarships and how to apply.

The last speaker of the evening was Chelsey Olafson, a recent sarcoma survivor, who gave a very moving talk about her sarcoma experience. She talked about how hard she had to work seeing several doctors before someone referred her to someone who could make an accurate diagnosis. She then talked about her treatment regimen and about how the doctors and nurses helped her understand each treatment and what they were trying to accomplish. She is very grateful to be here one year later and to use her experience of trying to get a diagnosis to help medical students know the signs and symptoms of sarcoma as experienced from the patient point of view. At the end, one medical student came up and said the evening was one of the most meaningful in his medical education so far.