Zach Sobiech’s friend working to help find a cure

I Support Sarcoma Awareness & Research BannerAs July and Sarcoma Awareness Month come to a conclusion, we’d like to draw your attention to a article appearing on the front page of the Pioneer Press, July 31 – “Zach and Mitch did a lot together. They still are.” The article can also be found on Zach’s friend, Mitch Kluesner is working with Branden Moriarity , doing research at the University of Minnesota to help find a cure for osteosarcoma. RIS has also contributed research grants towards this research. Read more here. You can view slides from Dr. Moriarity’s presentation of his work at our 2016 Winter Gathering.

If you would like to contribute towards osteosarcoma research, please consider making a donation to the RIS Hallie Brown Osteosarcoma Research Fund by selecting the Hallie Anne Brown Fund under “Donate to a Named Fund” on our donation form.