Major New Health Education Initiative to be Piloted

Randy Hurley, MD

Randy Hurley, MD

Regions Hospital and HealthPartners are joining Rein in Sarcoma to pilot a major new sarcoma educational initiative directed at Medical Providers. The Pilot program is under the direction of Dr. Randy Hurley MD, a medical oncologist and director of oncology of both Regions and HealthPartners, as well as the RIS Medical Advisory Board.

The initiative is being driven by the prevalence of late and often misdiagnoses of sarcoma cancers. Dr. Brenda Weigel, director of oncology for Masonic Children’s Hospital, has pointed out that while most cancers are diagnosed within four months of the onset of symptoms, an average sarcoma diagnoses takes 14 months. This too often leads to tragic outcomes. It is hoped that RIS can successfully develop and implement a comprehensive approach to provider education that could result in up to a 20% increase in sarcoma cancer survivors.

The start of the initiative will take place at the HealthPartners Primary Care Update Conference “Pathways to Knowledge” on September 30th with a special interactive seminar to be conducted by Dr. Christian Ogilvie, RIS Board Member and member of the RIS Medical Advisory Board. Many more activities are being scheduled during the coming months.

An exciting announcement about this new initiative is expected at the RIS Fall Fund Raiser on October 13th.