Wayzata High School “Heart Week” – Miranda Mead

For 17-year-old Miranda Mead her sarcoma journey has changed her life in unimaginable ways. A former cross-country runner, Miranda first thought the pain in her back was a running injury. Unfortunately, days after her 16th birthday, tests revealed she had Ewing's Sarcoma, an aggressive type of bone cancer. During her long periods of treatment in the hospital, "my father and I would walk the oncology floor where I witnessed many young children suffering," said Miranda. "I was very inspired by the fight these little kids had, and it became extremely important for me to turn this negative experience into something positive."

Miranda Mead

Today, Miranda is cancer-free and will continue to advocate for kids with cancer and the community is responding to her message with the same enthusiasm Miranda espouses. The students at Miranda’s school have become a great support during Miranda’s treatment and are continuing to support her in bringing sarcoma awareness to the community.

Each year over Valentine’s week Wayzata High School National Honor’s Society hosts a week of activities and events during “Heart Week” in which they raise money for a charity. This year they contacted Miranda and said they wanted to donate to a charity in her honor. Miranda was quick to ask that the charity be Rein in Sarcoma.

The week kicked-off on a Friday night where many fun activities, including the crowning of Mr. Wayzata occurred. In addition, Miranda was asked to speak at the event to talk about her journey and about the charity Rein in Sarcoma and why it was so important to her.   Over the course of the next week the students could, for a cost, purchase things like Sing-a-grams, flowers, or participate in a matchmaking activity.

There were themed days all week and a blood drive. Miranda also gave interviews for the school paper and the school news which played throughout the school. There were also posters all over the school encouraging kids to raise money for Rein in Sarcoma. Miranda’s favorite touch was the painting of the school rock, which was painted with the words “Rein in Sarcoma”.

Miranda was honored that the school chose to support her by supporting Rein in Sarcoma and was excited to have a platform to raise awareness about Sarcoma within her community. Most importantly, Miranda was excited to give back to Rein in Sarcoma which has been an invaluable source of support and resources for her and her family.

Miranda Mead at Wayzata High School



Miranda Mead - Truth 365 event


Miranda is continuing to respond to sarcoma with poise and determination by advocating for childhood cancers both locally and nationally. Besides her work with Rein in Sarcoma, Miranda has spoken on behalf of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, and nationally for Truth 365.

Truth 365’s goal is to educate and mobilize people to join the fight against childhood cancer. Miranda actively participates in its cancer awareness photo shoots and public service announcements. She also started speaking at local and national events, sharing her story with audiences. In addition, Miranda hosted a weekend event in Washington, D.C., that The Truth 365 puts on annually to unite childhood cancer foundations and families whose children are fighting cancer.

In February, Miranda received the exciting news that she has been selected as the Minnesota high school winner of the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, a nationwide program honoring young people for outstanding acts of volunteerism. As a State Honoree, Miranda will receive $ 1,000, an engraved silver medallion and an all-expense-paid trip in early May to Washington, D.C., where she will join the top two honorees from each of the other states and the District of Columbia for four days of national recognition events.   See a video about Miranda at Wayzata High School and the Prudential Award.

Miranda and her Family are also pleased to have established Rein in Sarcoma’s latest Named Fund. The Miranda Mead Fund will be dedicated to the mission of Rein in Sarcoma and will be officially dedicated at our July 24th “Party in the Park”. You can learn more about Miranda and ways to support Rein in Sarcoma in Miranda’s Name.