Chelsey Olafson, Chairs 2017 Party in the Park

Passionate sarcoma survivor and warrior, Chelsey Olafson, is heading up the 2017 Party in the Park. Chelsey has shown repeatedly that she is totally committed to the goals of the Rein in Sarcoma. She serves on our Board, the Patient and Family Support Committee and our PR/Marketing Committee, leading the Facebook social media efforts.

Chelsey Olafson - 2016 Party in the Park

Chelsey Olafson - 2016 Party in the Park

This month, as she chairs our Kickoff Meeting, Chelsey will be cancer free for 22 wonderful months. Chelsey spoke at Party’s 2016 opening program and reflected: “Not only am I alive, but I am LIVING. Cancer was not a death sentence, but rather it inspired me to live. I never thought I would be where I am today. My entire life, I defined myself as a shy and anxious person."

"Today I am telling my story in front of hundreds of people. Today, I am brave. I have learned to be strong because my strength has been tested. I have found my voice. I learned to advocate and fight for my health. I learned to be assertive when I told multiple doctors that they were wrong, and that my growing lump was not a simple lipoma. Because I had cancer, my relationships have been tested and they have grown and become stronger. I hate that cancer is what connects us, but I am thankful to have met so many absolutely incredible people because of this experience."


Chelsey Olafson

Olafson_Chelsey - Sarcoma

"THIS is why the Rein in Sarcoma Foundation is SO important. It’s not doing me any good to sit around angry. I can’t cure cancer. I can’t take the pain away from families who have lost someone. But I am not helpless. I can share my story. I can volunteer. I can fundraise. I can help plan events. I can inspire people, and I can spread hope. I can write letters to children and their families who are facing a cancer diagnosis. I can comfort families who have lost someone.”

Chelsey believes, as she takes on the role of this wonderful event, that “I can join with others to truly make a difference and that together we will find better treatments. We can support one another, we can educate, and we can save lives. As a survivor, a warrior, or husband, wife, child, friend, or parent, know that you are NOT alone. We all want the same thing. That is why we come together both for this 17th Party in the Park and for Rein in Sarcoma. I hope you will join us.”

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