Minnesota Declares July “Sarcoma Awareness Month”

MN declaration - July is Sarcoma Awareness Month



For the fifth consecutive year, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and Steve Simon, Secretary of State, have declared July as Sarcoma Awareness Month in Minnesota. Citing the seriousness of the cancer, its rates of misdiagnose and commending the work of Rein in Sarcoma, the declaration speaks to the leadership of RIS and it cooperating organizations including Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota.

RIS Joins Effort to Expand Nationwide

National Petition to Designate July as Sarcoma Awareness Month: Coming out of a national sarcoma collaboration meeting RIS helped convene in early June, many sarcoma organizations are now attempting to get the White House to declare July nationally as Sarcoma Awareness Month. The organizations, including RIS, are circulating an online petition to the White House in hopes of getting 100,000 signatures before July 28th. You can help by signing the petition asking the president to Officially Designate July as Sarcoma Awareness Month.

White House Petition - July Sarcoma Awareness Month