Welcome Janelle Calhoun as Our Executive Director

Janelle Calhoun PortraitThe Executive Search Committee composed of TRC members: Sarah Giga, Julie Rose, and Eileen Pinto as well as Deb Cossette, Sue and I is pleased to announce that Janelle Calhoun will become Rein in Sarcoma’s Executive Director effective July 1st.

We chose Janelle for this important role after interviewing many fine candidates.  Our selection process was developed and managed by our Talent Resources Committee (TRC).

Janelle graduated from St Olaf College with a major in Mediation and Dispute Resolution.  Her broad professional background includes varied roles at Mesaba Airlines, Eli Lilly and Thrivent Financial Services. As a pharmaceutical representative, she learned a great deal about the health care industry and relating to medical professionals.  For the last six years, she has been an award winning Licensed Financial Services Representative.

As a close friend of Karen, Janelle has been in leadership positions within Rein in Sarcoma since our inception in 2001. This has included serving on the Red Flags of Sarcoma Educational Committee (four years), our Development Committee (current), Registration co-chair for the Party in the Park, and Chair of the 2016 Party in the Park, and three years on our Board of Directors.


From Janelle – 

“I want to personally thank Pete, Sue, Deb Cossette, and the TRC for entrusting the administration and stewardship of Rein in Sarcoma to my care. My path to this moment has certainly not been a straight line; however the skills built along the way will serve our mission well. From flight attendant to trainer to ESL instructor in Asia to pharmaceutical sales representative to financial advisor each new step has brought skill development, opportunities, and challenges. Through it all, it has been my honor to be a part of the RIS family. I’m incredibly excited to bring my passion for our organization and experience to this new leadership role.

I truly consider it one of the greatest privileges in my life to have known Karen and been able to call her a friend. She was one of those people who made the world a better place for everyone she knew. Karen’s late diagnosis never gave her a proper fighting chance against sarcoma, but she spent the final year of her life establishing this organization to give others a better chance against this insidious disease. Her friendship and example have been a constant source of inspiration throughout my life and will continue to be a guiding light as I work with all of you to grow her vision into an ever-greater reality.

Our mission of education, research, and support for patients and their families is incredibly important. We are inspired and driven by Karen’s story, but also by the hundreds of stories of those who have been helped because of her. Whether you are a survivor, donor, board member, or volunteer this is a personal mission for all of us as we fight against a horrible disease that has impacted us deeply. We all have our own path, leading to unique experiences and skill sets. In the coming weeks I look forward to talking to each of you about your path, passion, and skills. How your talents can be best utilized to their fullest potential as we advance our mission, support patients, grow our foundation, and find cures.”

Please join the Board in congratulating our new Executive Director, Janelle Calhoun!