CBRE Chili Feed Raises Funds for RIS

Overlooking downtown Minneapolis, a large and tight knit business group was getting down to serious business.  It was the second annual Chili Feed competition at CBRE.  The staff was on a mission. This lunch time was special.  It included education around sarcoma cancers, and supporting their boss, Blake Hastings.  As he is actively engaged in Ewing’s sarcoma chemo treatments, he could not be present, however, turnout to support him was strong and enthusiastic.


Chili Feed at CBRE

2nd Annual CBRE Chili Cook Off

As RIS representatives, Sue and Pete Wyckoff arrived, they saw over twenty crock pots, some spicy, some vegetarian, lined up at the ready to compete for the title and support the RIS mission.  Sue and Pete were fired up to share information to educate about sarcomas and thank the office community for their fundraiser support.

Each carefully crafted chili recipe was made with love to raise money, which was doubled on MN Give to The Max Day.  This event had deep purpose.  A packed group of employees was present in the commons area with Chili comparisons the hot topic.  Dedicated individuals tasted every container and voted for their favorite. 

During this time, Pete Wyckoff shared facts, figures, and issues surrounding sarcoma, treatment, support, and the latest research findings.  The crowd videotaped a message of encouragement to Blake.  Look for the CBRE philanthropy team volunteering with Rein In Sarcoma in the future.  We are thrilled to begin new working ties with this dedicated group of employees.

Flat Blake

Chili Cook-off Winners!

We also learned of the team outreach and support program “Flat Blake" in which his image is photographed around the country, and world as his team travels for business.  They send the images to the office and to Blake to support their charismatic and celebrated boss, reminding him, he is not alone in the sarcoma journey and a team of caring employees is in step with him and his family.  When a community comes together, great outcomes happen. 

Thank You to the employees of CBRE for holding the Chili Fundraiser in honor of Blake, and supporting Rein In Sarcoma's mission!