New RIS Office Space Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

To our new office painters, an enormous

Jackson Sattervall, Jim Hebert, Rick Smith

Painting Crew - Jackson, Jim, Janelle and Rick

It was a conversation-filled two days as a motley, but experienced crew assembled to tape and paint the new Rein In Sarcoma office. Located in a clean and quiet one story building at 7401 Central Avenue NE in Fridley, MN, we have two spacious rooms, freshly painted, for meeting and day to day work.

Our indispensable Connie Dow researched how much paint we needed, and using her $250 Action Team grant, she kept us on track being wise with our financial resources. She found our supplies at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It boasts a treasure trove of items! This includes our first piece of office furniture, a beautiful credenza for meeting room storage.

In the near future, the credenza will be home to a donated coffee maker from Amy Hoban and family in NY.  An office item wish list includes: 10 conference table chairs, three desks and chairs, printer/scanner/copier, shampoo carpet, black frames for RIS posters, nails to hang, coffee, tea, case of paper, dry erase markers. Email Connie Dow or call 844-727-2662 ext 3 if you'd like to donate an office item.

Rick preps for painting

Sue and Connie unmask newly painted office space

Jim painting new RIS office space

Jim Hebert our behind-the-scenes logistical wiz arrived punctually at 2:00 p.m. He quickly assessed the situation and off we went! Outlet covers were adroitly removed and new volunteer, Rick Smith, was quick with edging tape and stories of travel. In no time at all, we opened a five-gallon pail of Desert Beige and broke out the roller brushes.

With a great team, quickly the egg shell and yellow of the second room was covered in its first coat of a soft grey.  Jackson Sattervall, RIS Finance Committee member and senior at St. Thomas University, took up ladder duty and edged the top of all the walls. The rest of us stayed low. As the hours ticked by, and our arms became tired, it was time for dinner. Checking out the American Legion across the street, it was ladies’ auxiliary fundraiser steak dinner night!

The next day, with sunlight shining on dry walls, Connie and I decided a second coat of paint was necessary. We fueled up with Pearson’s Nut Goodies, and Sue Kodadek joined us for the last stretch. With laughter, conversation, and no-drips, we finished up our job. Connie’s color choice is beautiful, and when everything was said and done, we have a very soothing environment to carry out our mission. 

It is in community that we have great support. Rein In Sarcoma is blessed to have many dedicated people with a variety of skills to make sure more kids go to kindergarten and not to chemo. This is a line from Karen, my old friend, who always looked to bring people together to achieve more positive outcomes for the world. For the volunteers on this project, and many others over the past years, deep gratitude and thanks! 

Janelle Calhoun - Executive Director