Rein in Sarcoma Welcomes

Naomi Bowman

Health Programs Coordinator

Naomi Bowman - Health Programs Coordinator

Rein in Sarcoma is very pleased to have our first part-time professional Health Programs Coordinator. The search committee, made up of members of the Red Flags Committee, the Talent and Resource Committee and Executive Director Janelle Calhoun, read many applications and interviewed great candidates. We welcomed Naomi Bowman at the end of May.

Naomi brings to our education programs a wide variety of medical and education experience, including various roles with hospitals and healthcare systems. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science, Vocational Teacher Education Sequence Certificate, and a three-year Nursing diploma.

We are looking forward to Naomi helping us expand Rein in Sarcoma’s educational impact as she works with the Red Flags Education Committee on programs including the Sarcoma Scholars, presentations and materials for medical professionals, and the Hallie Anne Brown Educational initiative.

Upon her acceptance Naomi said, “I'm very honored to join you on the journey of fulfilling Rein in Sarcoma's mission. My background in nursing and experiences in education have opened the door to many unique and wonderful opportunities in my career. I've always worked in some aspect of health care and feel blessed to now use my skills and knowledge in this new role. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with all of you in the near future."

You can reach Naomi at 1-844-727-2662 ext. 5 or

Welcome Naomi!