Sharing her Sarcoma Journey with UMN Medical Students

Sarina Morrison at the University of Minnesota Medical School

There wasn’t a sound in the auditorium as Sarina Morrison shared the story of her sarcoma journey with 70+ first-year medical students at the University of Minnesota. In her eloquent presentation, Sarina opened by reading the message she wrote on her CaringBridge site after her last dose of chemotherapy. “It has been a long hard road, and it is a great relief to finally be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I would not say cancer was a blessing but I can say that I have experienced many blessings since being diagnosed with cancer.”

Sarina said her feelings about those blessings have changed from the time she wrote the entry. She now believes the accurate diagnosis of sarcoma itself was a blessing and the reason she’s alive today. She was blessed with a physician who recognized the urgency and seriousness of her signs and symptoms, an early diagnosis and successful treatment.

Sarina shared what her life was like before, during and after the diagnosis of sarcoma. While the months of treatment and recovery were extremely difficult, Sarina said she is thankful for what she has learned and for those who were there for her along the way.

During the 20 minutes of questioning that followed, attendees asked her to explain further. Sarina said she has learned to appreciate the simple things in life. She is very grateful to physicians who gave her time to absorb and understand new information, to her employer who supported her throughout her treatment, and to family and friends for “just being there” with unconditional love and caring.