Uplifting and Successful Fall Fundraiser

2018 Fall Fundraiser
The Fall Fundraiser was held again at the beautiful Nicollet Island Pavilion. While the wind was blustering outside, inside we were enjoying a warm evening of storytelling to celebrate positive turning points. With the event theme, “Increase awareness. Increase survivors.”, it was fitting to hear stories from people living with a sarcoma diagnosis.

Emcee, Ruth Bachman opened the evening with remembrance of being in the Pavilion as a sarcoma patient and brand new amputee for her daughter’s wedding years ago. Today Ruth plays video games single-handed with her grandchildren. Drs. Denis Clohisy and Brenda Weigel gave an informative sarcoma cancer tutorial and reminded us of the impact and achievements of RIS.

Ruth Bachman

Ruth Bachman, Sarcoma Survivor, Emcee

Drs. Brenda Weigel and Denis Clohisy

Dr. Brenda Weigel and Dr. Denis Clohisy

Janelle Calhoun

Janelle Calhoun, Executive Director

While we dined, we viewed a new Rein in Sarcoma video. We listened to Janelle share examples of patients, family and friends serving our mission with their various skills. Each person does their part to advance the touch of our organization to impact our mission of education, patient and family support, and funding research.

The RIS “Excellence in Education” award from the Red Flags Committee was awarded to Dr. Randy Hurley who inspired our founder, Karen Wyckoff, and continues to be active in creating a world where sarcoma is no longer feared. Board President Deb Cossette announced the Mayo Clinic, Children’s Hospitals and SARC grants for sarcoma cancer research.

The most inspirational moments of the evening came when Blake and Carey Hastings described their sarcoma journey and ways others helped them navigate the medical world and the emotional trauma during a turbulent time for their family. They are thankful for all the people who touched their lives this past year as they focus their energy on the future. When Blake met Pete Wyckoff, their common passion to “pay it forward” drew Blake to Rein in Sarcoma. Together we make the world a better place for the next generation of patients tackling a sarcoma diagnosis. We want our loved ones with us for a happy ending to the sarcoma story.

Blake and Carey Hastings

Blake and Carey Hastings telling their sarcoma story

Fall Fundraiser

Listening to the Hastings

Blake Hastings family

Hastings family

With gratitude to our generous supporters we had a very successful event with total proceeds nearing $130,000. We especially want to thank our event sponsors, Ryan Companies US, Inc. and Oppidan Investment Co. as well as our in-kind sponsors, Evergreene Jewelers, Dr. Brenda Weigel and Ross Bartels, Ruth and Dale Bachman, and Stagetime Productions.

Thanks to Val Lopez and Ruth Hoban for their photography of the evening.