Rein in Sarcoma Remembers

RIS Remembers cake

On Sunday, December 9, the Patient and Family Support Committee hosted an event for those who have lost a loved one to sarcoma. The afternoon was a time to share special memories about loved ones and to gather support in moving forward after experiencing loss. There were times of sadness but also moments of laughter, joy and great encouragement.

The event began with attendees taking turns introducing themselves and the loved one they lost to sarcoma. Following introductions, attendees enjoyed snacks and the sharing of stories.

Rein in Sarcoma was especially fortunate to have Donna Mathiowetz, author of A Journal for Your Journey, share her own experiences with grief and how she moved forward after losing two sons within two years. She gave a very moving talk that was mixed with great sadness, but also humor and joy. The beginning of her presentation was heartbreaking as she shared her experience of losing two sons at very young ages. However, Mathiowetz explained how she used her grief to help others.

RIS Remembers attendees

Attendee Linda Pomeroy said of Mathiowetz, “The tools she offered were helpful and inspirational, and hopefully will help others to find their new normal and move forward and find comfort.” Mathiowetz encouraged everyone to live bravely because their loved ones would want them to go on to live productive lives filled with happy memories. Event attendees also gathered support from each other as they shared both painful and happy stories about those they are grieving.

The afternoon concluded with questions for Mathiowetz, more sharing of memories, and a fun Christmas-themed art project led by volunteer Ruth Hoban. Several attendees made glittering Christmas ornaments to hang on their trees for the season.

Thank you Patient and Family Support Chair, Kraig Kuusinen, and all of the Patient and Family Support Committee for putting on a wonderful event.