Raising Sarcoma Awareness Among Minnesota Athletic Trainers

Dick DeBlieck, Dr. Christian Ogilvie, Marlee Brice
Dick DeBlieck, Dr. Christian Ogilvie, Marlee Brice

Dr. Christian Ogilvie, UMN Associate Professor, Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rein in Sarcoma Medical Advisory Board member, presented “When is a Musculoskeletal Condition a Tumor?” at the Minnesota Athletic Trainers’ Association 2019 Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium on April 13.  Licensed athletic trainers as well as students enrolled in an accredited athletic training programs attended the event. Trainers came from clinic, high school, collegiate, and professional settings.

The Minnesota Athletic Trainers’ Association strives to improve the quality of health care for athletes, patients, and clients. They also want to enhance the profession of Athletic Training through leadership, education, and cooperative efforts with other organizations and allied health professions. Rein in Sarcoma was delighted to attend the symposium because athletic trainers could be the first to come in contact with individuals presenting symptoms suggesting sarcoma. By educating those who first see or hear about a lump or bump, patients will be diagnosed sooner and lives will be saved.

Rein in Sarcoma Information Table

Pete and Sue Wyckoff attended MATA’s Friday evening reception sponsored by Rein in Sarcoma. They talked with MATA members and provided a Sarcoma Survey that was included in the MATA registration packets. Attendees stopped by the Rein in Sarcoma exhibit throughout Saturday, including some of the 29 members who returned their completed survey and were given an “Is it Sarcoma?” golf ball.

Many thanks to Dr. Ogilvie, Pete, Sue, and Red Flags Education Committee members, Marlee Brice and Dick DeBlieck for joining Naomi Bowman, Health Programs Coordinator, in providing education about sarcoma for this MATA event.