“Sarcoma: A Rare and Deadly Cancer” produced to Educate Medical Professionals

RIS is pleased to make available a major new video: “Sarcoma: A Rare and Deadly Cancer” – a conversation between a patient and her doctor.

The RIS Medical Advisory Board and the Red Flags Education Committee are excited to introduce an important new video designed to educate a variety of audiences about Sarcoma. Dr. Emily Greengard, Pediatric Oncologist at the Masonic Children’s Hospital and member of our Medical Advisory Board, along with her patient, Sarina Morrison, engage in warm and personal educational conversation in this 25-minute video produced for RIS by Jeff Fuchs of Northern Lights Video.

The video is primarily intended for those who may be the first to see a patient with a sarcoma, to introduce them to the warning signs and proper next steps. Find out why Sarina now says in retrospect that her “sarcoma diagnosis was a major blessing, however, at the time, it was a major inconvenience.” Early diagnosis and proper treatment saves lives. The two-minute intro video is below – view the full video on the RIS YouTube Channel.

We encourage use of the video by School Nurses, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Physicians Assistants, Physical Therapists, Medical Students and Residents, Family Practice Doctors, and Pediatricians, in workshops and staff meetings to learn about sarcoma and save lives. The video is also appropriate for use in public settings such as PTA’s, Church Classes, Rotary Clubs etc. to alert people to the signs and symptoms of a rare disease in a very personal manner. Accompanying print materials, including additional education resources and course objectives, are also available by contacting Rein in Sarcoma at (763) 205-1467 or by email.