RIS Update – Spring 2020

Janelle Calhoun

Dear Rein in Sarcoma Community Members,

Rein in Sarcoma Staff, Board of Directors, and Committees have quickly shifted focus from routine to formulating strategies for operations and planning as a result of COVID-19. Our approach is focused on the safety of our patients/ survivors, board and committee members, staff, and volunteers. We also completed a critical review of our financial situation, enacting measures which include a 20% percent budget cut and hiring freeze. This will ensure we will be serving our community until sarcoma cancer is quickly diagnosed, treatable, and ideally, extinct.

One key aspect in serving the Rein in Sarcoma community over the years is that we are a ‘high touch’ organization. Clearly, that is not an option at this time and requires rethinking how we approach our work and interact with our community. All meetings have moved to video conference calls, and some events, such as the Party in the Park, will be virtual, while others are pushed to later in the year – pending improved and safer in-person options. 

Please look for the 2019 Annual Report on our website, as we digitally release it through our Monthly Newsletter as well as on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Our Public Relations and Marketing, Finance, Patient and Family Support and Red Flags Education Committees, and Board continue to meet virtually to guide the work of Rein in Sarcoma according to our mission.

We invite you to request sunflower seeds and participate in growing a sunflower garden to celebrate our many families working together to increase sarcoma awareness. Share photographs via the hashtag #SarcomaSunflower to support community building.

Another family opportunity is to make a luminary for Party in the Park. Send a photo to admin@reininsarcoma.org, along with your loved one’s name, to virtually participate in our traditional closing ceremony. We encourage you to share a favorite Party in the Park memory or pictures from previous years. We will use your pictures and recollections in the 20th annual Party in the Park virtual celebration, or in an online memory album. Help us celebrate as we begin our twentieth year working together, improving outcomes for patients and families.

Our Patient and Family Support Committee, Patient Coffee “Talk and Together Time” members, and Board of Directors will be making calls over the next several weeks. They will connect with many of our families, share updates on events, and offer insight on future RIS work. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with questions, concerns or ideas. Call at 651-341-4150, or email to execdirector@reininsarcoma.org, as staff are all working from home.

Rein in Sarcoma committees, leaders, and volunteers are committed to maintain our vibrancy, positive impact, and our mission focus within the confines of our new reality. We are getting creative, reaching out, and making new pathways to continue serving in meaningful ways. Please keep reading the RIS newsletter, website, and social media pages for updates and calls to participate. We are truly #StrongerTogether.

In mission,