Great Auction Ideas

From Great Ideas, Comes a Great Auction!

Silent AuctionUse your imagination, your interests, your tastes your friends, your family, your associates, your connections and your network to help us make this year’s silent auction the very best!

  • What stores do you shop at?
  • What restaurants do you go to?
  • What services do you use?

In all these cases, just ask for the manager, and ask for a product or gift certificate!

Have with you:

The Rein in Sarcoma Brochure or – One page description of  Rein in Sarcoma and the Event (PDF)

Silent AuctionSilent Auction Gift in Kind Form

Email the Auction Committee to have one emailed to you.

Do you have a special talent or skill you could share or teach?
Give piano lessons          Painter      Baker       Interior Designer

Building Contractor        Chef           Gardener/green thumb

Could you offer a service?
Dog walking                         Yard cleanup

Closet organization            Babysitting

Could you host an event/party?
Children’s themed birthday party                   Dinner/cocktail party

Dinner/dessert of the month club                  Wine tasting

Do you know or are you a…..

Person who have season tickets to sporting or cultural performances

Restaurant owner or chef

Person who has vacation properties, lake place — nearby or around the country


Silent AuctionUse your imagination!

Auction Gift Basket Ideas!

Contact the person or organization you know and ask for a product or gift certificate or just email the Auction Committee so they can follow up on your lead for an auction donation.