Caregiver Resources

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If you are actively supporting a sarcoma cancer patient you are a “caregiver”.  More adults with chronic conditions and disabilities are living at home than ever before, and family caregivers have an even higher level of responsibility. Caring for loved ones is associated with several benefits, including personal fulfillment. However, caregiving is also associated with physical, psychological, and financial burdens. Here are some great resources to make your responsibilities easier.

American Academy of Family Physicians

A searchable collection of articles on a vast array of medical related topics.

A Practical Guide to Caring for Caregivers
Caregiver care

Caring Connections

A program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

The Caregiver Action Network (CAN)

The Caregiver Action Network is a leading family caregiver organization. It works to improve the quality of life for the more than 65 million Americans who care for loved ones with chronic conditions, disabilities, disease, or the frailties of old age. CAN serves a broad spectrum of family caregivers’ needs. CAN is a nonprofit organization providing education, peer support,
and resources to family caregivers across the country, free of charge.

Jack’s Caregiver Coalition

Jack’s Caregiver Coalition exists to serve the male caregiver. The experience of being a caregiver is as unique as the disease afflicting our loved ones. Our ultimate goal is to help men build their own support systems, and we hope to do so with three primary tools: informal get-togethers;
a project-based support community; and a network of resources.

Other Useful Links: –  – “A Word for Caregivers”
CaringBridge  – create a personal health journal website
Faith’s Lodge – supports parents and families coping with the death or medically complex condition of a child

Brighter Days Grief Center

Brighter Days Grief Center is a newly established Nonprofit organization serving individuals anticipating or enduring the death of a beloved family member. Mission: To provide a private and compassionate space for individuals anticipating or enduring the death of a family member; to offer access to professional resources; and to instill hope by providing connection to others through peer-based events and activities. 8925 Aztec Dr, Suite #1, Eden Prairie, MN 55347