UMN Medical School Sarcoma Presentations

Twin Cities Campus

“Be sure to appreciate every healthy day that you have and the people in your life that you love!” Dick DeBlieck sarcoma survivor and single father of two lives by that motto since his battle with sarcoma.

Dick and Dr. Denis Clohisy teamed up with RIS Sarcoma Scholars Andrew Hughes, Allison Martin and Ying Gibbens to educate 40 of the medical students at the U of M Twin Cities Campus on many aspects of sarcoma.

Dick expressed his gratitude to Dr. Clohisy for his expertise and compassion as he treated him for his sarcoma that had initially been misdiagnosed as a benign tumor. He pointed out to the students that they needed to know the warning signs of sarcoma, as it is rare but deadly. He said the doctor that diagnosed his lump as a cyst had never seen another case of sarcoma in his 35-year practice.

Dr Denis Clohisy presenting to UMN TC Medical Students

Dr. Denis Clohisy

Dick Deblick

Dick Deblick relating his sarcoma story to UMN-TC medical students

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