Sarcoma Advocacy Organizations Meet in Chicago

SARC Meeting

Friday, June 2nd was an interesting and invigorating day for Rein in Sarcoma Board Members, Dr. Larry Seymour, Sue Wyckoff and Pete Wyckoff. In the morning, we attended the SARC meeting. Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration (SARC) is a group of doctors and researchers who are working to provide a collaborative infrastructure to make progress in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Sarcoma. We heard speeches on topics including two on using Genomic information in sarcoma treatment. There was also a section on Resources for Investigators. Finally, there were reports on five clinical trials that are being run by SARC. About 300 doctors and researchers from around the world attended, including several of our Minnesota doctors.

RIS Board member, Larry Seymour, MD, reflected on the meeting: “Among other things (i.e., interesting papers) the need for pooling information and developing data banks came across loudly. It was a good meeting, and hopefully the start of a truly national sarcoma organization. During the meeting, Dr. Lawrence Baker, one of the founders of SARC, held some researchers’ feet to the fire, challenging assumptions, and interpretation of results. It appears a lot is in good shape with SARC.”

RIS Board member, Dr. Larry Seymour listening to Dr. Scott Okuno, Mayo Clinic

Meeting with Sarcoma Organizations

Sarcoma Organizations networking session

In the afternoon SARC and Rein in Sarcoma collaborated to run a phone and web video conference with Sarcoma organizations around the country, focusing on their programs and areas in which all of the groups can collaborate. Each group submitted a one-page summary of their work before the conference and gave a two-minute summary of what they were doing. Important conversations began during this call about ways to increase collaboration of sarcoma organizations across the country.

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