2016 Sarcoma Boot Camp

2016 Sarcoma Boot CampThroughout the past few months, as sarcoma scholars, we have had a brief glimpse into the world of sarcoma through various opportunities we otherwise would not have been able to experience if not for the Rein in Sarcoma Foundation’s sarcoma scholar program. Through participation in the Red Flags of Sarcoma Education Program, we have learned how to educate ourselves and other healthcare providers about the warning signs of sarcoma and approach any lump or bump with the utmost clinical vigilance. The Party in the Park and Rein in Sarcoma Fall Fundraiser were tremendous opportunities to learn more about sarcoma from patients and their families. These experiences and interactions within the sarcoma community have inspired us to contribute to the field ourselves. However, in order to make the most meaningful contribution, some learning was in order, and on a recent October evening, we were asked to pack our bags and head to Sarcoma Boot Camp.Read More