Join Us at the Fall Fundraiser – October 12

2017 RIS Fall Fundraiser graphic


What is your reason why?

Why RIS? “RIS fills a gap in the sarcoma landscape for many children and adults who feel isolated by this rare disease.”

Miranda Mead, Sarcoma Survivor 

Why now? “Let’s shoot for the stars! Now is the time to take the next steps towards curing sarcoma. Only research will save more lives.”

Denis Clohisy, MD, UMN Sarcoma Specialist

Why you? “Giving back is one of the most significant things anyone can do.”

Annette Bonaventura, Sarcoma Survivor

Dr. Brenda Weigel & Ross Bartels; Dr. Denis & Mary Clohisy cordially invite you to join us for an amazing evening to benefit Rein in Sarcoma’s mission of education, patient support and research and continue, together, the positive impact on changing the sarcoma story.

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