Marathon to Honor a Friend

2017 Chicago Marathon
I decided to run the Chicago Marathon this year to honor my friend Blake Hastings and to raise funds and provide awareness for Rein In Sarcoma – particularly because it’s my understanding that sarcoma patients don’t always have the benefits Blake has of a strong support system. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. To be clear, the operative word is decided.

I was in our Minneapolis office in late February this year chatting with Blake at his desk and listening to him complain about pain in his foot. The only reason that discussion was seared into my memory was because a few weeks later Blake told me he had Ewing Sarcoma – it was in his foot. The only reason that conversation even happened in February is because I’d just told Blake that I was signed up for the marathon. He asked how it was going; I said I wasn’t really doing anything yet, and he mentioned pain in his foot that was bothering him. We talked about running in the pool and I probably quipped that he should get over it.

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