Snow Doesn’t Stop Rein in Sarcoma Annual Meeting

Blizzard Icon

Thanks to webmeeting technology the Rein in Sarcoma Board was able to carry out business in spite of a very snowy day! We were disappointed to forego the potluck dinner and being able to meet in person, but glad we had a Plan B.

Tom McCarthy reported that the organization grew by almost 30% in 2016 furthering our mission and allowing us to make significant strategic decisions for 2017. The Board approved $148,000 in new Sarcoma research grants at the University of Minnesota that will soon be made public. Funding of a second year of research grants at Mayo Clinic, Children's Hospitals and Clinics and SARC was approved, as was funding for RIS Sarcoma Scholars at both at the University of Minnesota and Mayo Medical Schools for the 2018-2019 academic year.

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