Wayzata High School “Heart Week” – Miranda Mead

For 17-year-old Miranda Mead her sarcoma journey has changed her life in unimaginable ways. A former cross-country runner, Miranda first thought the pain in her back was a running injury. Unfortunately, days after her 16th birthday, tests revealed she had Ewing's Sarcoma, an aggressive type of bone cancer. During her long periods of treatment in the hospital, "my father and I would walk the oncology floor where I witnessed many young children suffering," said Miranda. "I was very inspired by the fight these little kids had, and it became extremely important for me to turn this negative experience into something positive."

Miranda Mead

Today, Miranda is cancer-free and will continue to advocate for kids with cancer and the community is responding to her message with the same enthusiasm Miranda espouses. The students at Miranda’s school have become a great support during Miranda’s treatment and are continuing to support her in bringing sarcoma awareness to the community.

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