Three Grassroots Fundraisers for Rein in Sarcoma

It has been a busy fall for individuals and families wanting to raise money for Rein in Sarcoma and to spread awareness of Rein in Sarcoma. Rein in Sarcoma appreciates all the many efforts to raise money for education, research and patient support. Together as a community we make a big difference.

Throw Down 4 BThrow Down for Beanz 2016
Theresa Baultrippe and her family held their annual Throw Down for Beanz in Gaffney, South Carolina on September 24. It was titled “So You Think You Can Cook? – A Celebration of Good Food and Friends”. In the years since Julian Baultrippe died from Osteosarcoma in 2009, his friends and family have come together to have a cooking and eating bonanza modeled after the Food Network show, Throw Down with Bobby Flay. This year, in addition to the in-person event in Gaffney, many of Theresa and Julian’s friends from all over the country are holding their own special dinners in honor of Julian and sending pictures to Theresa to post on her Facebook page. All the money raised is being given to Rein in Sarcoma for the RIS Julian Baultrippe Fund. Theresa is still accepting money if someone has done a remote dinner for Julian. http// More