Communicating with Loved Ones and Friends

For many sarcoma patients letting know your situation and receiving support and help from loved ones, friends and the “sarcoma community” can be important and meaningful. While messaging and email may work for some, others may find that using a general social network like Facebook may be of real help.

caringbridge-logo-stacked-print-qualityYou may also want to consider setting up a free CaringBridge site as a way to communicate your “journey” with others. Believing that you will be “stronger together” CaringBridge offers a way to share, connect and rally support. Depending on the situation you as a sarcoma patient can do this yourself or ask a trusted friend or family member to do this on your behalf.

Learn more about CaringBridge.

Set up a CaringBridge website.

If you have recruited a Personal Advocate, he or she may also be willing to do this for or with you.