Four Unique Fundraisers benefiting Rein in Sarcoma

From all over the country Rein in Sarcoma received donations from four unique fundraisers honoring four special people, Carlie Jansen, Marlee Larson, Mark Wehner, and Dr Felasfa Wodajo. Interestingly only one of these people lives in MN.

Jansen-CarlieCarlie Jansen, 22 years old and newly married, found out upon returning from her honeymoon that she had been misdiagnosed and was now facing stage-four sarcoma that had spread to her lungs. Informed about RIS by her Mayo Clinic Doctor her family bought 500 beautiful yellow t-shirts to support Carlie and to help fight sarcoma. The family gives away the t-shirts and information on sarcoma and asks that those who receive the t-shirts send a donation to RIS . So far over $3,000 has been raised to support Carlie.

Larsen-MarleeMarlee Larson, has been in the Twin Cities living at The American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge and fighting sarcoma for several months. Her friends decided to celebrate her homecoming and her birthday by raising money for RIS. Their birthday tributes totaled over $600.

Many of you heard Mark Wehner release his song Campfire Blues at the Party in the Park. He has been selling the track on the web and has raised several hundred dollars. He will conclude his Mark Wehnerfundraising effort with a party and live show of Brian Bethke & Mark Wehner at Acoustic Cafe in Eau Claire. Mark your calendars for Oct. 24 @ 7pm to see an amazing show & purchase the cds of both artists with donations still being made for "Campfire Blues!" Spread the word, lets end this fundraiser with a bang! Mark had what he hopes is his last surgery in his five time fight with sarcoma that stretches over a number of years. The doctors said they thought they got it all.

Dr. Felasfa Wodajo Dr. Felasfa Wodajo is the sarcoma specialist at Virginia Medical Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Several years ago he began providing patients with our Sarcoma Starter Notebook. In the Felasfa Wodajointervening years his patients have had several fundraisers to help us with our mission of education, patient support and research. This last fundraiser raised $500 and was dedicated by the patients to Dr. Wodajo. We join them in thanking Dr. Wodajo for the excellent care he provides sarcoma patients in the Washington D.C. area.