Donation – Give to the Max

Use this form if you prefer to donate through the RIS website. Any gift donated between November 1 and November 16 will be eligible for the match up to $10,000. We’ve included some example gift values for your consideration:

$25 covers the cost of one RIS Patient Starter Notebook
$50 funds each Totes for Hope bag provided to Sarcoma patients and families at the University of Minnesota hospitals, Mayo Clinic and Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.
$100 covers the cost of Educational Supplies for one Medical Conference
$250 funds one Mailing for a Patient and Family Support Event
$500 for an RIS Gathering or Support Activity
$10000 is the minimum RIS Research Grant

Donate to Rein in Sarcoma Foundation - GiveToMax

The Give to the Max campaign is complete. Please see the RIS regular donation form.

Donor Privacy:
Rein in Sarcoma values your privacy as a patient, supporter or donor. To view our donor privacy policy, click here.