Donation – Give to the Max

Use this form if you prefer to donate through the RIS website. We’ve included some example gift values for your consideration:

$25  funds the printing and shipping of one RIS Patient Starter Notebook
$50  funds a Free “Totes for Hope” bag provided to Sarcoma patients and families at the University of Minnesota hospitals, Mayo Clinic and Children’s Minnesota.
$100  funds patient and survivor meeting supplies and materials
$200  funds planning and coordination for volunteer and mentorship programming
$500  funds monthly fee for RIS’ New Community Connections Communications Platform
$1000 – 10,000  funds Sarcoma Research through grant awards to the University of Minnesota, The Mayo Clinic, and Children’s Minnesota.

The Give to the Max campaign is concluded. Please use the RIS regular donation form.

Donor Privacy:
Rein in Sarcoma values your privacy as a patient, supporter or donor. To view our donor privacy policy, click here.