2015 Financial Statement

During 2015, financial and volunteer support for the ongoing educational programs, patient and family support and sarcoma research grants totaled $287,000 (an increase of $17,000 over 2014) and countless numbers of volunteer hours. Helping to achieve this increase were new Named Fund gifts and a special gift secured by Mike Kellett from the 3rd and 4th Districts Nurses Associations to the Therese Daniel Memorial Fund. The level of financial support enabled the Foundation to meet for the ninth year the terms of the $15,000 challenge grant from the Katherine B. Andersen Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation. Kevin O’Keefe repeated as chair of our signature Party in the Park event on the grounds of Como Park in July. The Party in the Park and other events provided over $81,000 of financial support before expenses to support the mission of the Foundation.

During 2015, members of the Rein in Sarcoma Board reviewed and updated our strategic plan. Building on the success of the initial phase of the strategic plan adopted in 2013 for the Transitional Campaign, the Board approved the recommendation of Access Philanthropy to engage a fundraising consultant to meet the ever increasing needs of our mission. RIS has $115,000 remaining from the Transition Campaign at the end of 2015 that will provide some of the funding required to attract a seasoned fundraising consultant, develop a case statement, and identify and solicit supporters to achieve the goal. We look to build on the partnerships we have developed with the Katherine B. Andersen Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation, the Hardenbergh Foundation and our other individual campaign supporters to provide the initial support to our new campaign.

RIS tracks disbursements in three general categories: research and education, patient and family support, and general/administrative expenses. In February, the Foundation gave $137,000 in gifts to the University of Minnesota Foundation in support of sarcoma research and education. This reflects an increase of about $35,000 from the support provided in 2014. During 2015, the Foundation spent $41,000 in cash and many volunteer hours on patient and family support, including our events and the Red Flags and Sarcoma Notebook programs. Finally, the Foundation spent about $29,000, or about 10% of total receipts, on general and administrative expenses, the bulk of which was for improvements to our volunteer data base system and assistance received from Access Philanthropy.

2015 Financial Graphs

2015 Receipts and Expenses – Prior to Submission of IRS 990