Get Local Support

Survivor and Fighters Photo

Survivor and Fighters Photo

Remember you are not alone in dealing with sarcoma, be sure to take advantage of any support systems in your community.

Rein in Sarcoma (RIS) hosts several events throughout the year in the Twin Cities to support sarcoma patients and loved ones. This include

  • “Gatherings” for Sarcoma patients, survivors and loved ones held several times throughout the year at various Twin Cities metro locations.
  • RIS Sarcoma Family Picnic: Attend our annual picnic held for sarcoma patients, survivors and loved ones in conjunction with the annual Rein in Sarcoma event. The next picnic will be held Monday afternoon July 29th at Como Park in St. Paul.

Sign up for the RIS Support Network to keep informed of upcoming events.

Many of the sarcoma centers have sarcoma specific support groups. If you do seek treatment in or live in any of these areas, look into other more general cancer support groups in your community. Also, do not minimize the impact that an online support group may offer (especially for people in rural areas). There are also special support groups for loved ones and parents of children with sarcoma.