Contact Us

Individual Contacts:
Executive Director - Janelle Calhoun
President - Debra Cossette
Vice President - Blake Hastings
Treasurer - Thomas McCarthy
Secretary - Chelsey Olafson
Marketing and Public Relations Chair - Valeria Lopez
Patient and Family Support Committee - Kraig Kuusinen
Red Flags of Sarcoma Education Campaign Chair - Sue Wyckoff
Health Programs Coordinator - Naomi Bowman
Volunteer Coordinator - Connie Dow
Webmaster - Debra Cossette
General RIS Information

Rein in Sarcoma Foundation Address:

Rein in Sarcoma Foundation (RISF)
3312 Richmond Avenue
Shoreview, Minnesota, 55126-3842

Phone: 1-844-727-2662
Fax: 1-844-727-2662 (please call before faxing)

Rein in Sarcoma office space:

7401 Central Avenue NE
Fridley, Minnesota 55432

Phone: 763-205-1467