2018 Mud Dog Ride


Mud Dogs Ride for Rein in Sarcoma- 2011- (Eric Skogman is third from left)

The 2018 annual Mud Dog Ride for RIS will take place February 7 - 8 in memory of snowmobile rider, Eric Skogman. This year an anonymous donor is issuing a $2,500 Mud Dog Challenge Grant! This donor has committed to match all 2018 Mud Dog paid pledges through Sunday, February 18th or when the challenge is met. The Mud Dog ride precedes the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association 34th annual Winter Rendezvous, February 8-11 at the Izatys Resort on Mille Lacs Lake. Join the ride, support the riders...

For the tenth consecutive year, the Mud Dogs Riders will ride their snowmobiles to the Winter Rendezvous in support of the Eric Skogman Mud Dog Ride Fund of the Rein in Sarcoma Foundation (RISF). For the first three years Eric organized the ride, which has contributed over $47,000 to raise awareness and improve outcomes for  Sarcoma cancer patients.

If you wish to join the ride and have a participant page on our website, please fill out and submit the registration form. Those who wish to support a rider or all the riders to help fight this deadly disease can donate below through the RIS secure online form, or by mail. All donations are tax deductible and the money raised goes directly to RIS.

2018 Raised to Date - including match: $ 2410

Donate through the secure online form:

Become a Mud Dog Rider:

Or donate by mail:
Please print and fill out the Donation form and mail with your check to:

Rein In Sarcoma Foundation
7401 Central Ave NE
Fridley, MN 55432

Supporting all 2018 Mud Dogs:

Mike Andrew
Lynn Keillor - Put the deep-freeze on sarcoma cancers, Mud Dogs!
Sue and Pete - You guys are awesome - thanks for continuing Eric's Dream

Mud Dog Ride Overview
Mud_Dogs_Start[1]_edited-3The 10th Annual Mud Dog Ride to Benefit the Rein In Sarcoma Foundation (RISF) will be held February 7-8 in conjunction with the MN Snowmobile Association Annual Rendezvous February 8-11 at the Izatys Resort on Mille Lacs Lake. This will be a combination of a snowmobile ride and a fundraiser for the Foundation. All proceeds are being donated to the Rein In Sarcoma Foundation - Eric Skogman Mud Dog Fund.

What is the Mud Dog Ride?
Over 27 years ago, C.J. Ramstad, then owner of Midwest Sports Publishing Network (MSPN), the official publisher of Minnesota Snowmobiling magazine, started the Mud Dog ride to encourage snowmobilers from across the state to ride their snowmobiles to the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association’s (MnUSA) annual Winter Rendezvous. That event traditionally takes place each February and is in a different city or town each year. Sadly, C.J. and his 17-year-old son J.J. were killed in an automobile accident in May 2007, but the ride lives on with the memory of the legendary Ramstad and his son. Read more about C.J. Ramstad.

Introduction to the Rein in Sarcoma Foundation
Rein in Sarcoma was created by Karen Wyckoff in 2001. Karen died from Synovial Sarcoma a month after the first Rein in Sarcoma event. Thousands of people touched by sarcoma have kept her vision of a world without sarcoma cancers alive. The Rein in Sarcoma Foundation (RIS) was incorporated in 2004 as a Minnesota non-profit organization to continue the mission that Karen established:

Find a cure for sarcoma cancers (raise funds for research)

Educate physicians and the public about sarcomas

Support sarcoma survivors and families directly affected by sarcoma

RIS has become the largest and best-known sarcoma fund for the Upper Midwest. Over the past 17 years, with its three pronged commitment to sarcoma research, support and education, the Foundation has reached thousands of people and raised over $2 million.

Sarcoma Cancers:
Sarcomas are highly malignant and rare types of cancers that occur in the connective tissues of the body. Approximately 15,000 new cases of soft tissue and bone sarcoma are diagnosed each year in the United States. While rare among adults (less than 2% of all adult cancers), sarcoma cancers are among the three most commonly diagnosed cancers affecting children. A sarcoma diagnosis is a particularly shattering for most patients as they rarely have heard of this type of cancer and feel they will have to wage their personal war against the disease without much public knowledge of the disorder. You can find more information about sarcoma cancers.