Mud Dog Rider Registration

Mud Dog ridersIf you’d like to sign up to be one of the Mud Dog Riders – fill out the form below. We will set up a personal page for your supporters on our website. Be sure to email us a picture we can include on your page!

Thank you for your support to increase awareness of sarcoma cancers, fund research to improve outcomes and support sarcoma patients and their families!


Mud Dog Rider - registration

Please use this form if you wish to sign up as a Mud Dog Rider February 7 - 8 leading up to the MN United Snowmobilers Association Annual Winter Rendezvous, February 8 - 11. We will add a specific rider page for you and note the total donations you have raised, as well as individual donors' names (with their permission) and any message of support. Please email us a photo of yourself ( to include on your page. Thanks for supporting RIS through your ride!!