RIS Tribute and Memorial Named Funds

Rein in Sarcoma has grown and succeeded because of the generosity of thousands of donors. Some have contributed to honor or recognize a loved one.

In recognition of this, RIS has established Rein in Sarcoma Tribute or Memorial Named Funds. Named Funds are encouraged not only to honor individuals but to enhance the mission of Rein in Sarcoma to:

  • Educate the public and medical community about sarcoma cancers;
  • Support sarcoma patients and their families;
  • Fund research directed toward developing new treatments and finding a cure for sarcoma cancers.

While Rein in Sarcoma is appreciative of gifts of any size, all who are able are invited to establish a RIS Named Fund.

Benefits to the Donor(s) of RIS Tribute or Memorial Named Funds:

RIS Named Funds will receive recognition by RIS through:

  • Acknowledgement on our website through both a story about the person who is being honored or memorialized and encouragement of others to donate in the name of the donor’s fund;
  • Public recognition during an RIS event (typically the July “Party in the Park”) following establishment of the Named Fund;
  • Recognition as an active Named Fund in succeeding years when additional donations of at least $1,000 are made annually;
  • All active Named Funds offered “sponsorships” of various aspects of the Annual Rein in Sarcoma “Party in the Park” as well as other RIS events. Named Fund Sponsorships opportunities include:
    • “Sunflower Garden of Hope”
    • Main Stage
    • Family Stage
    • Silent Auction
    • Ring-Toss
    • “Sarcoma Corner” & “Red Flags of Sarcoma” Information Booth
    • Luminary Remembrances
    • Fall Gathering
  • RIS will report to the donor at least annually on the total amount of contributions to the fund in a calendar year;
  • Donations to a designated Memorial or Tribute Named Fund are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Establishing a RIS Tribute or Memorial Named Fund:

  • To establish a Named Fund, a donor or group of donors, donate a minimum of $1,500 in a calendar year and indicate their desire and permission to establish an RIS Named Fund in writing.
  • Donations are given in memorial or as tribute to a named sarcoma patient or survivor.
  • RIS Named Funds are used for the general purposes of the Foundation and will not be segregated from the general fund of RIS in any way except to be able to designate the total numbers and total amounts of gifts to the Named Fund. However, with RIS Board approval, larger gifts may be designated to special concerns that already fall within the mission of the organization.
  • Named Funds will only be established with the specific authorization of the Named Fund recipient or the loved ones of a deceased sarcoma patient. All contributions in the name of a specific individual will be credited to the designated Tribute or Memorial Fund of Rein in Sarcoma.

See a listing of current RIS Tribute and Memorial Funds.

To find out more about establishing a named RIS Tribute or Memorial Fund please contact Janelle Calhoun, RIS Executive Director by email or Debra Cossette, RIS President by email, or call 763-205-1467 or 1-844-727-2662 Ext 2.