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Volunteer Spotlight – Steve Burrill

Steve as Father of the Bride

Steve Burrill came into the life of Rein in Sarcoma in a time of major problems, and there could not have been a better man to join us. In the fall of 2016, we experienced the tragic death of the chair of our Finance Committee, and the volunteer treasurer at Rein in Sarcoma resigned. We needed new financial leadership, and we needed it quickly. 

Former treasurer Tom Dougherty and the new chair of our Finance Committee, Jeff Dobbs, worked to secure new and experienced leadership to manage and oversee the finances of our non-profit. After finding excellent new volunteers including treasurer, Tom McCarthy, and Mitch Atherton, we were in need of a volunteer bookkeeper. Jeff suggested his soon-to-be father-in-law, Steve Burrill, who had first-hand experience surviving major life challenges.

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Winter Gathering, “Come in Out the the Cold” a Success

2018 Winter Gathering Survivors

2018 Winter Gathering

On the afternoon of Sunday, January 28th, Bachman’s Garden Center in Minneapolis was filled with laughter and hope. The Rein in Sarcoma Winter Gathering, Come in Out of the Cold,” was a place for those affected by sarcoma to laugh, learn and connect.
The afternoon began with an introduction by Kraig Kuusinen, the Chair of the Patient and Family Support Committee.  Kuusinen greeted the guests, introduced himself and then gave everyone an overview of the event’s agenda.

Next, newly elected Rein in Sarcoma President Debra Cossette introduced herself and explained how after seventeen years of leading the foundation Pete and Sue Wyckoff are stepping down from their leadership roles but will continue to volunteer with Rein in Sarcoma. Cossette gave an overview of what Rein in Sarcoma does and how it serves patients and their families.

Cossette concluded with introducing volunteer Frank Miske as the 2018 Party in the Park Chairperson.

After formal introductions were made it was time to laugh. Two comedians from ComedySportz led five improvisational skits with audience participation. Three volunteers, Kraig, Adam and Chastity all graciously and humorously made their way on stage and aided the comedians in various skits.

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Tribute to Pete and Sue Wyckoff

Wyckoffs receiving tribute

Sue and Pete receiving a special tribute by Janelle Calhoun at the 2017 Fall Fundraiser

The song based on the poem “The Human Touch” by Spencer Michael Free begins, “It’s the human touch in this world that counts.” Have you heard it? Do you know the words? To me it captures the depth of spirit present throughout the existence of Rein In Sarcoma. Spearheading the organization founded by their daughter, Karen, just months before her death from synovial sarcoma, Pete and Sue Wyckoff ensured Rein in Sarcoma has been tirelessly dedicated to people.

A little background for you. Over 50 years ago, Pete and Sue’s first date was a volunteer event. He asked her out, she accepted, and Pete picked up Sue on a moped. He handed her a flower he had accidentally run over - she pinned it on her lapel and off they went to raise money for a campus organization helping students. They have been a strong team ever since. They married at age 21. Sue was a teacher and Pete went to seminary, later becoming an ordained minister with a call as a community organizer through the Presbyterian Church. They had two amazingly intelligent children who emulated their parents drive for excellence and service.

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