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Featured Volunteer Needs – April 2018

RIS Volunteers
RIS depends on volunteers to make our mission a reality. Here are the volunteer opportunities that we are currently looking to fill:

Public Relations and Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee Member -
Rein in Sarcoma’s Marketing Committee will develop a comprehensive communications plan that will market and promote the mission of our organization. Committee members will make sure that our marketing tools will follow the organization’s brand. Marketing tools include but are not limited to: website, newsletter, social media, training, PowerPoints, letterhead, t-shirts, and print materials.

Website Designer:

The Website Sub-committee is looking for a volunteer with website design experience to assist the team in enhancing the user experience on our website. Prior experience with WordPress, our website platform, is a plus. Volunteer would work remotely, however, they would need to be able to meet in person quarterly with the website team, at a central Twin Cities location.

For more information about this volunteer position contact Deb Cossette by email.

Apply for this position at: New Volunteer Form

Social Media Sub-Committee:

Rein in Sarcoma is seeking a dedicated volunteer who is interested in assisting with social media, primarily Facebook. This volunteer should be organized, creative and have some experience with graphic design and photo editing. As part of the Marketing and Public Relations committee, it is preferred they are able to attend monthly meetings. Social media posts should be engaging, educational and insightful. Volunteer should be willing to seek out sarcoma stories in the media, local stories of sarcoma patients, educational articles about sarcoma, it's various treatments, recent research, articles about survivorship, caregiving etc. Volunteer should also become familiar with our website and stay updated on current Rein in Sarcoma news and events.

For more information about these volunteer positions contact Connie Dow at Ph: 844-727-2662 ext 3 or by email.

Apply for these positions at: New Volunteer Form

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Nurse Sarcoma Education Program Launched

A key strategy of the Rein in Sarcoma Educational Program is to reach medical professionals who are apt to first see what turns out to be a sarcoma cancer. Through such education we hope that sarcoma cancer will be diagnosed more quickly, leading to significant increases in sarcoma survivorship. RIS launched its first program directed to school nurses, starting at the Osseo School District on March 7th.

Marlee Brice, a retired RN and Red Flags Committee member, began contacting school districts last fall to evaluate interest in RIS presenting an educational program called Understanding Pediatric Sarcomas to their school nurses. Elaine Forbes of Osseo School District invited us to present to the Osseo School Nurses. 

Marlee and Sue Wyckoff presented to about 25 elementary school nurses at 7:30 a.m. Marlee shared a presentation on the signs and symptoms of the three most common sarcomas in children: Rhabdomyosarcoma, Osteosarcoma, and Ewings Sarcoma. Sue followed by presenting the stories of Jocelyn Dickhoff, Julian Baultrippe and longtime survivor Julie Rose. The program was well-received and the nurses asked questions and filled out evaluation forms. 

Nurses Elaine Forbes and Marlee Brice

Miranda Mead

High School Student Miranda

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Mayo Medical School Sarcoma Presentations

Mayo Sarcoma Scholars, Claire Cambron and Tessa St. Cyr had worked very hard to set up a sarcoma education day at Mayo Medical School on March 8th.   Dr. Steven Robinson was to give a lecture to the first and second year students on Sarcoma diagnosis and treatment.   Unfortunately that morning Dr. Robinson was called away. 

Fortunately, a call to our first RIS Sarcoma Scholar, Dr. Brad Stish, who is now a radiation oncologist at Mayo was answered in the affirmative.   He had his last patient of the morning scheduled for 11:45 and he said he would then run over and deliver the lecture.  We sent him some slides from a previous lecture by Dr. Robinson to which he added some of his own thoughts.   He arrived practically as soon as the students had served themselves lunch.  He gave a very interesting lecture.  The students listened attentively and then asked him some excellent questions. 

Dr. Brad Stish

Judy Jones

Dr. Stish was followed by Judy Jones, a sarcoma survivor who told the story of her diagnosis.  By the time she was diagnosed, the sarcoma tumor in her leg was quite large and it had metastasized to her lung.  The doctors thought it was too large to remove and in too difficult a place to amputate so they began chemotherapy.  On her fifth day of inpatient chemo, Judy’s femur fractured and the doctor on call, Dr. Frank Sim, removed the tumor and spared the limb.  She had had several chemotherapy treatments and surgery to remove the tumor in her lung. 

Judy is now five years cancer free and enjoying life to the fullest.  The time for the lecture ran out after Judy’s talk;  so ever flexible, Claire and Tessa told the students that they would tell them about their Sarcoma Scholar year by email.  Claire and Tessa have done a good job of providing several cancer programs for the students, and they are planning a public lecture at the Rochester Public Library in June.

We want to thank Dr. Stish for all he has done in the nine years since he was a sarcoma scholar to help patients and bring awareness of sarcoma to the community.  He is living proof of the idea Dr. Dusenbery, University of Minnesota Radiology Oncologist,  had when she proposed the Sarcoma Scholar Program to the Rein in Sarcoma Board.  She envisioned that the scholars would not only have a year of learning about and spreading information about sarcoma, but that they would have a career of bringing sarcoma to the attention of their peers.  Since that 2009 beginning, the program has expanded to scholars from the University of Minnesota and Mayo Medical Schools, and involved 37 scholars.

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