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Sarcoma Meeting – Dr John Seymour

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Dear Friends:

Last year I wrote about an osteosarcoma meeting that I attended. I attended the same meeting this year in January, called the FACTOR 2018 Conference. The conference objective is to “Collaborate with all interested parties on advancing treatments and improving outcomes for patients with osteosarcoma.”

This meeting involved researchers from around the US and one from London, but also breakout sessions for kids with osteosarcoma and sessions for those grieving. It started Thursday with a free second opinion clinic run by the University of Miami Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Logan Spector, PhD spoke about the BOOST registry he has started at the University of Minnesota for osteosarcoma cases. Subree Subramanian PhD, also from UMN talked of epigenetics and their influence on genetics of the RNA molecule. Osteosarcoma research at the University of Minnesota is very active, and supported in part by Rein in Sarcoma to a tune of over $140,000 this year.

If you are interested in going to next year’s FACTOR meeting, it is open to all who have any connection at all to osteosarcoma, just email me and I will get you the information. (It’s in Miami in January).

John Seymour MD

Rein in Sarcoma – Office Open House


Our community celebrated a mile marker on Friday, March 9th at the Fridley Office Open House! Our goal has become reality - we have professional office space, resource storage, and a conference room equipped with 65’ smart TV for committee and staff meetings. Thanks to the families of Rein in Sarcoma, volunteers, advocates, and Par 85 LLC, we continue our work to strengthen outreach, expand on education, grow the network of people working to carry out our mission, and improve outcomes for sarcoma patients.

RIS Office Open House

In marking the occasion, attendees congregated around the conference table. Lining the walls, we have ten framed posters of Parties in the Park past, with an open space for 2018 – visible highlights of Rein in Sarcoma’s growth and progress. The posters remind us of the scores of dedicated people and families working together with a collective goal to raise funds for research and education to improve patient outcomes, and support each other through good and difficult times. Each one of us is a part of the collective story, the sum of many parts, and together we create hope. This conference room space showcases that work and inspires us to keep changing the sarcoma story.


Office Area

Office Open House

Special thanks to the people who helped make the office a vibrant work space:

  • Painting crew, Jackson Sattervall, Jim Hebert, Janelle Calhoun, Rick Smith, Connie Dow and Sue Kodadek - funded by a Thrivent Action Team grant initiated the transformation at the end of 2017.
  • As the snow continued to fly, furniture acquisition and moving yielded amusing stories – just ask Pat Minor and Connie Dow.
  • The beautifully framed posters were the work of John Gallo.
  • Connie’s artful hand arranged the well-organized space - storage cabinets are up, file drawers are full, and the work of Rein in Sarcoma continues to expand.

We grow stronger in community, and now have our own community space.

Our new office address:
7401 Central Ave NE (be sure to include the “NE”)
Fridley, MN 55432

Upcoming Survivorship Conference

Saturday, May 5,  8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street SE, Minneapolis, MN

The 13th Annual Cancer Survivorship Conference, a collaboration between University of Minnesota Physicians and University of Minnesota Medical Center, is an excellent opportunity for survivors, parents, and caregivers, as well as healthcare professionals, to explore issues survivors face after cancer treatment. The free conference will “focus on maintaining wellness, while exploring the issues survivors and their families often face after cancer treatment or following blood and marrow transplantation. Survivors and their support system will learn how to better advocate for themselves and lead full and productive lives.”Read More

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