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Welcome Janelle Calhoun as Our Executive Director

Janelle Calhoun PortraitThe Executive Search Committee composed of TRC members: Sarah Giga, Julie Rose, and Eileen Pinto as well as Deb Cossette, Sue and I is pleased to announce that Janelle Calhoun will become Rein in Sarcoma’s Executive Director effective July 1st.

We chose Janelle for this important role after interviewing many fine candidates.  Our selection process was developed and managed by our Talent Resources Committee (TRC).

Janelle graduated from St Olaf College with a major in Mediation and Dispute Resolution.  Her broad professional background includes varied roles at Mesaba Airlines, Eli Lilly and Thrivent Financial Services. As a pharmaceutical representative, she learned a great deal about the health care industry and relating to medical professionals.  For the last six years, she has been an award winning Licensed Financial Services Representative.

As a close friend of Karen, Janelle has been in leadership positions within Rein in Sarcoma since our inception in 2001. This has included serving on the Red Flags of Sarcoma Educational Committee (four years), our Development Committee (current), Registration co-chair for the Party in the Park, and Chair of the 2016 Party in the Park, and three years on our Board of Directors.


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RIS Silent Auction – Last Call for Items



Party in the Park Silent AuctionThere is still time to make your donation to the 2017 Party in the Park’s Silent Auction!

Please keep in mind we will also offer a small well curated silent auction at the fall event and are still in need of higher value items for that. We would be thrilled to have an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Sonos sound system, Galaxy phone to auction and VIKINGS tickets to auction. Know anyone with season tickets?

For July’s Party in the Park we need themed baskets. Remember you can get great ideas from the auction page of the RIS website. Restaurant gift cards in the $25-$75 range sell well as do gift cards from local retailers. And we always sell beer, wine and liquor so put together a few different kinds of vodka or gin and create a tastings basket. If you are a tradesmen or have recently spent some money on home remodeling, ask those folks to donate 5-10 hours of service.

Bidders in 2017 want to spend money on experiences. If you can find someone to donate lessons of any kind, guided tours (whether active outdoors or cultural), weekend cabin stays, ski lodgings, cooking classes, boating trips- we want them.  

To learn more or donate go to our auction home page. We want to raise $20,000 at the summer auction and only with your help can we do it!

Our 2017 Silent Auction will begin taking bids on-line the weekend before the Party, so register now so you can see all the items in this July is auction and begin your bidding!

Minnesota Declares July “Sarcoma Awareness Month”

MN declaration - July is Sarcoma Awareness Month



For the fifth consecutive year, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and Steve Simon, Secretary of State, have declared July as Sarcoma Awareness Month in Minnesota. Citing the seriousness of the cancer, its rates of misdiagnose and commending the work of Rein in Sarcoma, the declaration speaks to the leadership of RIS and it cooperating organizations including Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota.

RIS Joins Effort to Expand Nationwide

National Petition to Designate July as Sarcoma Awareness Month: Coming out of a national sarcoma collaboration meeting RIS helped convene in early June, many sarcoma organizations are now attempting to get the White House to declare July nationally as Sarcoma Awareness Month. The organizations, including RIS, are circulating an online petition to the White House in hopes of getting 100,000 signatures before July 28th. You can help by signing the petition asking the president to Officially Designate July as Sarcoma Awareness Month.

White House Petition - July Sarcoma Awareness Month

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