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Volunteer Spotlight – RIS Editors: Raúl Zavaleta and Julieann Selden

With this issue of the RIS Update, we officially welcome Julieann Selden as the editor of the RIS electronic newsletter and express our deep appreciation to Raúl Zavaleta who has edited this publication for the last three and one-half years.

Raúl Zavaleta

Raúl, our editor from afar


Raúl, who lives in San Francisco, works for Intuitive Surgical as a project manager. While studying marketing and international affairs at the University of Texas, he lost an aunt to breast cancer. After this loss, he wanted to make a difference for cancer patients and served as an intern with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

After he moved to San Francisco, Raúl continued to want to make that difference and volunteering remotely as editor of the RIS electronic newspaper allowed him to do that. He has now decided to pursue a graduate degree in public health which will continue to give him new opportunities to help others. He says “Rein in Sarcoma has given me a fantastic opportunity to educate and inform people about sarcoma cancers and in so doing empower them to better deal with the disease.”

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Working Together We Can Change the Story and Save Lives

As our amazing 2017 comes to a close, we ask our sarcoma community to help RIS again with our year-end request, sweetened with a $10,000 challenge gift! If you are still considering a year-end donation, we are excited to announce an additional challenge match of $10,000 made possible by several generous RIS donors. Help us reach our new $40,000 year-end goal

This has been an extraordinary year for Rein in Sarcoma, including expansion of our educational and patient support work and the largest sarcoma research funding in our history. Please take a moment to read the letter that was sent to you in the mail or the pdf. The letter contains two remarkable stories about sarcoma survivors, Miranda Mead and Natalie Wolf who in their words and actions exemplify our fight to find cures for sarcoma cancers.

Miranda Mead

Miranda Mead

Natalie Wolf

Natalie Wolf

It takes unwavering support and dedication to defeat this terrible disease. For RIS to continue to increase our levels of support we need you!! With your help we hope to be able to increase our sarcoma research funding at the University of Minnesota by over 20% in 2018, as well as fund research at Mayo Clinic and Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Please consider making a donation. Giving before the end of this year may also offer you tax advantages - see Charitable Gift Strategies.

We are close to reaching our 2017 fundraising goals to continue to look for cures through research, jump start our educational initiatives and support our patient and family support area.  You can check back here on the progress towards reaching our goal.

$40703 of our $40000 goal!!

Each time we fund a research project, educate a physician, or support a patient you help change the story. Donate Now!

CBRE Chili Feed Raises Funds for RIS

Overlooking downtown Minneapolis, a large and tight knit business group was getting down to serious business.  It was the second annual Chili Feed competition at CBRE.  The staff was on a mission. This lunch time was special.  It included education around sarcoma cancers, and supporting their boss, Blake Hastings.  As he is actively engaged in Ewing’s sarcoma chemo treatments, he could not be present, however, turnout to support him was strong and enthusiastic.


Chili Feed at CBRE

2nd Annual CBRE Chili Cook Off

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