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RIS Research Fundraiser in Rochester

Six Mile Grove band

Join us in Rochester, Minnesota on Sunday, August 25 as Rein in Sarcoma holds its first fundraiser for sarcoma research at Mayo Clinic. Rein in Sarcoma expanded research funding to Mayo Clinic in 2017, with $55,000 in research grants to date.

We are thrilled to feature the lead singer of  Six Mile Grove, a great band with Minnesota roots, at the Little Thistle Brewing Company. Enjoy a family friendly afternoon of music, bounce house, beverages, and conversation with fellow RIS patients, survivors, caregivers, sarcoma medical and research professionals, and other community supporters – all while raising money for critical sarcoma research. Entry is $10 at the door. Donations welcome.

Contact Dianna Robinson for more information, or if you’d like to help with the event.

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month!

MN Proclamation - July Sarcoma Awareness Month
Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz has proclaimed July 2019 SARCOMA AWARENESS MONTH!

Sarcomas cancers are rare and often aggressive cancers that attack the body's connective tissues or bones. It is often diagnosed too late for proper treatment. Sarcoma is the third most common form of cancer in children and young adults.

When you read the State of Minnesota Proclamation, you will learn that Rein in Sarcoma has launched a major educational initiative to raise awareness and educate the public and the medical profession about sarcoma cancers in collaboration with Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, The Mayo Clinic, the University of Minnesota, Regions Hospital and HealthPartners.

The good news is that early diagnosis and proper treatment of sarcoma tumors could lead to increasing survival rates by as much as 20% - which would SAVE THOUSANDS OF LIVES!!!

Check out Rein in Sarcoma’s social media posts throughout July and be sure to share to help raise awareness of sarcoma cancer. See the links to our social media sites below.

Connecting with Internal Medicine Physicians

Dick DeBlieck - Red Flags Volunteer

Marlee Brice - Red Flags Volunteer

Red Flags Education Committee volunteers Marlee Brice, Dick DeBlieck and Judy Jones, joined Naomi Bowman in representing Rein in Sarcoma at the Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review course exhibit in June. The week-long course helps prepare physicians for their initial or re-certification examinations as well as provide a review for daily practice.

Approximately 240 attendees, including the 45 presenters, traveled from all over the United States and Canada for this intense course. During our time there, we spoke with more than 60 attendees and gave out 57 “Is It Sarcoma?” golf balls with the attached red flags professional card.

Throughout our conversations we learned physicians’ experiences with sarcoma ranged from those who knew very little about it to those that had seen patients with sarcoma cancer. Interactions were often quick - highlights included:

  • visiting with a Mayo physician recruiter
  • information that the new CEO at Mayo/Scottsdale is a sarcoma specialist
  • a Mayo internist soon moving to MD Anderson in Texas will spend his first month working with sarcoma
  • a Minnesota internist who was a volunteer for the State Fair sarcoma survey a few years ago
  • two physicians who received the golf ball returned later to talk more
  • one physician from Wisconsin let us know she’d already shared the info with colleagues
  • a retired physician who really liked our golf ball initiative and praised Rein in Sarcoma for great work
  • physicians who plan to visit our website - one will download our Sarcoma Patient Notebook
  • several physicians thanked us for being there and many expressed their gratitude for Rein in Sarcoma’s commitment to education

With the dedication and participation of our wonderful volunteers, 60+ additional physicians now know about the red flags of sarcoma. If they all do as we requested, they’ll put their golf ball in a spot where others will see and learn from it!!!

Increase awareness. Increase survivors.

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