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Year-end Opportunity to Make a Difference

Thank you to all who donated in support of Rein in Sarcoma's mission at year-end. We raised over $23,000 and met the challenge match.

As the year comes to an end, we reflect on the power of connection and the impact of our mission. We are excited to announce a $10,000 challenge match made possible by several generous RIS donors and our Board of Directors. Help us reach our $40,000 year-end goal!

This has been an extraordinary year for Rein in Sarcoma, as we continue to expand our educational programs, patient and family support work, and sarcoma research funding. Please take a moment to read the compelling story of Sarcoma Patient Advocate and Rein in Sarcoma volunteer, Kara Dolney. A true advocate, she is committed to easing the journey of other sarcoma patients and raising awareness of sarcoma cancer.

Kara Dolney - thumbs up



Kara's business card "Warrior for Sarcoma"

Giving back, extending a hand to another, walking alongside them - this is Kara’s mission. Rein In Sarcoma shares in this mission, as does the entire sarcoma community. As too many of us know the impact of a delay in diagnosis, all of us patients, survivors, families, volunteers, and supporters are the team cheering patients on and supporting our threefold mission of patient support, research, and education. Kara reminds us, “It’s hard to know exactly where the finish line is, but we’re going to do this.”

While you plan your end-of-year giving, help us continue taking one step at a time by making a financial donation to our year-end campaign. The Rein In Sarcoma Board of Directors and anonymous RIS community members will match all year-end donations up to $10,000. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to double your impact. We can do so much together.

You may want to consider a gift of stock, or other tax advantage giving strategy - see Charitable Gift Strategies.

Each time we fund a research project, educate a physician, or support a patient you help change the sarcoma story. Donate Now!

Check back here on the progress towards reaching our goal (includes donation match).

$23,335 of our $40,000 goal!

Rein in Sarcoma’s Winter Gathering

Winter Gathering Save the Date

Join us amid the flowers and greenery in Bachman’s beautiful Heritage Room for Rein in Sarcoma’s Winter Gathering. Attendees will enjoy an afternoon of community fellowship, story telling, and education. We welcome all Sarcoma patients, survivors, family and friends, and those who have lost a loved one to sarcoma.

Bachman’s Lyndale Garden Center
6010 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Susan Flannigan

The Patient and Family Support Committee presents Susan Flannigan, of the University of Minnesota Earl E. Baken Center for Spirituality and Healing, who will share her mindfulness and stress reduction expertise. We will also be collecting items for the Patient Tote Bags (lip balm, soft hats, nail polish, hand warmers especially needed).

We appreciate your RSVP to help the Patient and Family Support Committee plan the event.

Survivor and Fighters Photo

Survivor and Fighters Photo

Upper Midwest Oncology Education Network Conference

Dick DeBlieck with RIS Display

Dick DeBlieck, Red Flags Education Committee member

Thanks to the support of nonprofit friends, Rein in Sarcoma, Jack’s Caregiver Coalition, and Angel Foundation were gifted display table space at the 14th annual gathering of Upper Midwest Oncology educators.  Red Flags Education Committee volunteers staffed the table and shared our educational and outreach resources with over 240 nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and pharmacists from the five state area. We were excited to feature new RIS education resources: Video, Red Flags Brochure, Physician Diagnostic Card, and 7th Edition Patient Starter Notebook

Many educators who took the new brochure and noted the URL for the sarcoma education video, committed to bring these resources back to colleagues and advocate for sarcoma education. The credibility of our educational resources is enhanced because of the relationships Rein in Sarcoma has built with the University of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic, Children’s Masonic Hospital, Children’s Hospital Minnesota, and our growing relationship with Duke.  UMOEN leadership, including president, Jeremy Whalen, Pharm D, is looking for ways to partner with Rein in Sarcoma around education and outreach.  

We extend special thanks to our volunteers: Marlee Brice, Dick DeBlieck. Phyllis Balto, Marlene Dolney and Dave Dolney, who were easy to approach and shared engaging conversations with display visitors. In addition to vetted medical sarcoma information within RIS’ Patient Starter Notebook, a key highlight was the chapter on cancer patient support resources. Not to be overlooked, it lists a treasure trove of helpful resources:  everything from help cleaning house, lodging for family at a medical system, to camp for kids, help with paying bills, and cancer caregiver support. We are stronger together and time with UMOEN members, Jack’s and Angel Foundation, highlights the many ways people work to improve outcomes for patients and families.

In mission, Janelle

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