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Dr. Randy Hurley Receives RIS Educational Excellence Award

The 2018 Rein in Sarcoma Excellence in Education Award was awarded to Dr. Randy Hurley at the recent Fall Fundraiser. Dr. Hurley is a dedicated and remarkable man who personifies Rein in Sarcoma and our education mission. He was unable to attend the Fall Fundraiser, but attendees watched his earlier acceptance of the award.

A compassionate leader who:

  • Inspired our founder Karen Wyckoff to start Rein in Sarcoma
  • Serves as a member of our Medical Advisory Board
  • Leads our sarcoma educational initiative at HealthPartners and Regions Hospital
  • Provides insightful mentoring for our Sarcoma Scholars

Dr. Randy Hurley, Medical Director of the HealthPartners and Regions Hospital Cancer Care Centers, was the Rein in Sarcoma Red Flags Committee’s unanimous choice to receive our second annual Excellence in Education Award. Dr. Hurley attended our first event in 2001 with his patient, Karen Wyckoff, who was the founder of Rein in Sarcoma. For the past seventeen years he has supported our mission of educating doctors who initially come into contact with patients presenting with symptoms that suggest sarcoma.

Since 2016 Dr. Hurley has led a pilot project at Regions Hospital and Health Partners to further medical professional’s awareness of sarcoma and the importance of early diagnosis. In leading this project he has not only educated doctors but taught our medical student scholars how to study a problem and work for solutions. He acts as an instructor at our Boot Camp for Sarcoma Scholars.

Dr. Hurley treats his patients with compassion and exceptional care. In his spare time he co-directs an interdisciplinary global health course, traveling to a hospital in Tanzania with a variety of medical personnel and students to work with and improve local health care. Dr. Hurley is constantly educating those around him and we are truly proud that he has served Rein in Sarcoma with such dedication, carrying on the dreams of a patient who asked him to help create a world where sarcoma is no longer to be feared.

New Research Grants Announced

Rein in Sarcoma announced significant new research grants totaling $$65,000 at our recent Fall Fundraiser. For the second year, RIS awarded grants to researchers at Mayo Clinic and Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. We also announced multi-year support for a SARC SPORE grant proposal. The evening included a new commitment to increase sarcoma research funding at the University of Minnesota to $150,000 in 2019.

Dr Brittany Siontis

Upon the review and recommendation of the Rein in Sarcoma Research Task Force, chaired by Dr. John L. Seymour, to the Board of Directors, RIS committed a $30,000 grant to Mayo Clinic for: “Pilot Study of Circulating Cell Free Tumor DNA as a Biomarker in Sarcoma” with Principal Investigator: Brittany L. Siontis, MD - Senior Associate Consultant, Department of Medical Oncology, and Co-investigator Steven Robinson, MBBS, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Oncology.

Dr. Kris Ann Schultz

In addition, Rein in Sarcoma awarded Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota a $15,000 research grant for: “Identifying Gene Fusions in Pleuropulmonary Blastoma”, with Principal Investigator: Kris Ann Schultz, MD Pediatric Oncologist; Co- investigator D. Ashley Hill, MD.

SARC logo

RIS also committed $20,000 over four years, beginning in 2019, to SARC (Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration) in Ann Arbor, Michigan in support of a SPORE proposal. This support is contingent on approval by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

NIH SPORE (Specialized Programs of Research Excellence) grants are multi-million dollar grants designed to bring cutting edge cancer research to the bedside within five years. If approved by the NIH in 2019, the research will be conducted by several major medical research institutions across the country. Read information about the current Sarcoma SPORE project at SARC.

The RIS Research Task Force is working on plans to hold our first Rein in Sarcoma Research Collaborative Symposium in spring 2019. This event will bring together RIS research grantees to present and discuss their sarcoma research projects. More to come...

Save the Date – Fall Gathering “RIS Remembers”

Sunflowers by Ron Eggert

The Rein in Sarcoma Patient and Family Support Committee is again hosting a Fall Gathering, “Rein in Sarcoma Remembers,” for family and friends who’ve lost a loved one to sarcoma. The event will take place on Sunday, December 9, from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. at the Silverwood Park Visitor Center in St. Anthony Park, MN. The gathering will include snacks and a social time to connect with others who have experienced a similar loss, a speaker on loss and grief, music, and a fun art project. It will be an afternoon that is both encouraging and uplifting. We hope you can join us! Check back for upcoming details.

Please RSVP using our online form or call Connie Dow at (763) 205-1467 by Wednesday, December 5.

Rein in Sarcoma Remembers
Sunday, December 9, 2018 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Silverwood Park Visitor Center
2500 County Rd E
St. Anthony Park, MN 55421

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