Find Out More About Sarcoma

Research sarcoma cancers and the particular sarcoma you may have been diagnosed with. More then three dozen different types of sarcoma have been identified, so it is important to understand the particular sarcoma for which you have been diagnosed.

Visit the University of Minnesota’s Musculoskeletal Bone and Soft Tissue and the MHealth Masonic Children’s Hospital. These sites serve as an educational tool for both physicians and patients. This site provides current information about Sarcomas for patients, families, or relatives of someone who has been given the diagnosis or presumptive diagnosis of Sarcoma. The University of Minnesota has been a national and international leader in basic science, clinical research and the development of advances in the treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors. The information compiled on these sites is derived from the interdisciplinary tumor team at the University of Minnesota.

In addition this RIS website contains extensive information about sarcomas, local and national sarcoma resources, and allied organizations. Fully utilize the “What is Sarcoma” section of this website along with the very latest research on many sarcomas through an special RSS feed that aggregates all the the latest information about many specific sarcomas. This information is updated almost daily, so be sure to check back frequently to keep up to date with the latest developments. To review the latest research, click here and then click on the link to the particular cancer you are researching.