Raising Awareness-Saving Lives among Family Practice Doctors

Dr. Christian Ogilvie at the 2014 Family Practice Spring RefresherOn April 10th and 11th RIS attended the 2014 Minnesota Academy of Family Practice Physicians Spring Refresher Conference at River Center in St. Paul. Orthopedic Surgeon and RIS Board Member, Dr. Christian Ogilvie, was the centerpiece of our efforts to educate, family practice doctors about sarcoma. Dr. Ogilvie gave a well-attended seminar entitled “Musculoskeletal Tumors: What Should I Do About This Bump?” Those that didn’t attend the lecture still had access to the slides in their packet if they wanted to go over his information later. In conjunction with his lecture the Red Flags Committee staffed a booth. During the two days we talked to over 200 doctors personally.

We handed out our brochures and our doctor information cards that were developed by our Medical Advisory RIS at 2014 Family Practice ConferencCommittee. We did hear stories of doctors who knew of sarcoma and had diagnosed it and stories from doctors who were very sad at having misdiagnosed the disease. Many doctors said that they didn’t know much about sarcoma and had never seen it. We also used the opportunity to pass out literature to the other exhibitors and make them aware of our efforts. We found a lot of interest from other health systems. People who came to the booth had the opportunity to meet survivors and those who had lost someone to sarcoma and hear our stories.

To learn more, click here to view a similar lecture Dr. Ogilvie presented to University of Minnesota Medical Students in March, 2014.

We are planning in the future to use our medical advisory board to team with our survivors and those who lost someone to bring this message to other groups of medical professionals.