Rogotzke Family and Sanborn Unite to Kick Sarcoma

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The Rogotzke Family and the area around Sanborn MN, for five years in the row have teamed up to kick sarcoma. Their efforts to date have raise almost $30,000 for RIS!

Kickball-2015IMG_1160On a beautiful July 18th Saturday morning last year 12 kickball teams gathered to for a tournament in memory of Anna Rogotzke and to play against sarcoma. In addition to kickball there was a calf pooping contest, delicious food made and served by volunteers, a whole village of bouncy houses for the kids, face painting and many other fun summer activities.

The 2015 effort made over $12,000 which was split between Cure Search and Rein in Sarcoma. RIS President Pete Wyckoff and Sue enjoyed every minute they spent with these dedicated people watching them have fun while working together to defeat sarcoma. The competition was fierce but very, very friendly!

The Anna Rogotzke Fund of Rein in Sarcoma is an important resource for raising money and awareness. We also appreciate the time that is taken to remember Anna a vibrant four year-old who was lost way too young to sarcoma. Our mission is to reduce and hopefully someday eliminate the number of children, like Anna, and adults that are lost to sarcoma.

Kick Ball -Cows-107_0040A major popular fund raising aspect of the Tournament that could only happen in “God’s Country” was the ever popular Calf Pooping Contest.  “We have a small fenced-in area, divided with chalk lines into 100 squares”. explained Becky. “We put a calf into the pen.  People can buy a number for $5.  If the calf poops on the square with their number, they win $100.  Surrounding squares win $25 each. We have no trouble selling the squares, and everyone eagerly awaits the moment when it is announced that the calf has indeed pooped”.

Thank you Rogotzke’s and Sanborn for showing us another unique way to raise funds and awareness. They are already planning next year’s tournament. If you want a fun day in a beautiful rural setting for a cause plan to join them!

You can also learn more about Anna and support Rogtozke’s efforts by donating the the Anna Rogotzke Fund.