The Throw Down for Beanz

Good Food, Good Friends

The Baultrippe family created the Throw Down for Beanz to celebrate the life and cherished memory of their son, brother, and uncle--Julian “Beanz” Baultrippe. The tradition began in October, 2009 just a few months after Julian’s passing from osteosarcoma when the family was still in a state of huge grief as a result of their loss yet searching for a way to celebrate his birthday.

Remembering the good times and Julian’s passion for food and the Food Network, the family stumbled upon the idea of hosting a Throw Down for Beanz borrowing from the Food Network show featuring Chef Bobby Flay. The Throw Down is a celebration of good food and good friends who supported Julian during his journey and who will never forget the guy with the beautiful smile.

Throw Down 4 B

Throw Down 4 Beanz C

One of the highlights of the annual event was the Grill Master Throw Down. Theresa Baultrippe, the TD brain child and cooking enthusiast, challenged the grill masters from within the Beanz Network to put their grilling skills to the test. Three grill masters took her up on the challenge but in the end, Theresa beat out the competition with her savory baby back ribs.

The Beanz network has not only the best chefs but also great talent. The Baultrippes brought in the big guns for TD4B4, family members from the East coast with the vocal pipes to warm up the crowd and inspire others to take to the mic for a karaoke sing along that raised the roof and also the spirits of everyone in the room. It was a night of high energy and a few good-natured belly laughs as guests belted out some of the greatest hits from Motown to Queen, not to mention one standing ovation during the evening for RIS President Pete Wyckoff’s stirring rendition of “My Way.”

Throw Down 4 Beanz DThe family also created a cook book, a collection of recipes from the past three throw down events as a gift to anyone making a donation to the Julian Baultrippe Fund of RIS. Because of their efforts, the Baultrippe’s Throw Down has raised over $20,000 since 2009